Sunday, October 26, 2014

That Favorite Time of Year

Ahhhh! Fall! The only thing slightly wrong about today's adventures is the fact that it was warm enough for both children to be running around in shorts and t-shirts. Not the typical fall attire that comes to mind when I think of fall memories growing up. But, hey. We're in the south now and it's 80 degrees here at the end of October! We discovered a different pumpkin patch this year and had a blast doing it. These kiddos of ours are growing so fast, but boy, they sure know how to do it with style.

Blonde beauty

There were plenty of things to explore and put big, bright smiles on our faces today; swings, tube slides, feeding farm animals, corn maze, barrel train, hay ride, and a corn crib....oh yeah, and the pumpkin patch!

A smile as bright as the sun

That's a hug, honestly...not a choke hold!
My loves

The corn crib! What a brilliant idea. It is a 15'x10' building, filled with 2 feet deep dried corn kernels. The ultimate "sand" box! Clara and Colton easily could have spent all day in there. Digging, burying themselves, it was an incredible sensory experience. These next pictures are absolutely priceless
and will most definitely be making it on my favorites list.

Mr bucket head!
Raining corn!
Our sweet babies

We had such a great afternoon, but we eventually had to head home. My obsession (driven by the adoration of I have for the three amazing people I call "mine") with photographing these family memories always leads me to have to grab a stranger for the obligatory family photo. Well, apparently all the smiles were spent up, because this was the best we got of the four of us! Better luck next time!

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